Wednesday, 12 June 2013


1  peter 5:8-9

be well balanced(temperature,solder of mind) be vigilant and cautious at all times, for that enemy of yours, the devil,roams around like a lion roaring, seeking someone to seize upon and devour. withstand him and be firm in faith,knowing that the same suffering are appointed to your brotherhood.(the whole body of christ) throughout the world

His word has become fuel for my life. A day without visiting his presence is like an eternal hunger for my soul. I simply become disordered. Then the devil begins to whisper evil into my ears. I go back to my arsenal to see if I can get any word to overrule the devil. I later realized that the word I failed to read and meditate upon just that morning from my DAILY BREAD was the solution I needed to withstand the temptation.

His word satisfies our soul. But we must be careful not to become complacent. Thinking we have read the bible enough or because of our belief that he is with us we start to slow down. Also many Christians come to God for a particular purpose. Soon as the purpose is fulfilled they begin to relax; going to church irregularly and reluctant prayers begin. That is when we slowly fall back into our sins.
 (note: Don’t play back and forth with God. Its either you are for him or against him. SIMPLE)

If only you knew the bigger picture God has painted for your live, you won’t stop where you are now.

Ye know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin; the one who was born of God keeps them safe, and the evil one cannot harm them.
I John 5:18

I will keep this one short. The devil is not resting. He is continually looking for the smallest loophole around you to take advantage of. Don’t give him the chance. The only way you can win the battle is to continue praying and meditating on his word. Be persistent in your faith and exercise self-control.

The battles in the spirit are dealt with for us by the Holy Ghost depending on our faith. But the things of the flesh
 we must endeavor to take care of.
Control yourself.

Support this text with a bible verse.

Frank Tagoe.